As well as providing training and a GDPR Toolkit (details below) I also provide extended support to people who have attended training, bought the toolkit, or just need some friendly guidance. The GDPR Toolkit can be found here http://www.adaptconsultingcompany.com/gdprtoolkit/ Jersey Business as supporting the GDPR Training and they can be found at https://www.jerseybusiness.je/get-advice/it-office-systems/data-protection-small-business/

Saturday, 30 June 2018

GDPR Jersey Update July 2018

GDPR Jersey Update

From January 2018 I provided a lot of free presentation, guidance and training for the Association of Jersey Charities. I then set-up a GDPR Toolkit of policies, procedures and paperwork ready to use. More recently I have been providing monthly workshops for SMEs at Jersey Business.

The blog GDPRJersey was originally set-up to provide a Question and Answer service. You email me a question and I anonymise the details and offer guidance and links in a response that can benefit others too.

We’ve long since passed 25 May start-line for GDPR but it is clear that people are struggling with the implementation and some of the court decisions have implications that few anticipated.

For example
Facebook fan page case leads to new understanding of “joint controllers” concept

With this in mind, I am re-starting GDPRJersey. You can view the blog or subscribe to it so that you get a notice when-ever there is an update. If you want to ask a question email me at timhjrogers@gmail.com and I will write an article on that subject. You are also able to add comments to any article.

I also welcome lawyers, consultants, technology experts and others to submit articles or comments in an effort to improve knowledge and understanding. I think this will improve our community as a whole.

Be aware, that Blogger does track some data – I don’t know your name, email or anything about you (unless you choose to include that in comments that you post). However, Blogger knows you visited and that’s how it tells me whether I have 10 views or 10,000 views.

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I am doing a series of workshops at Jersey Business from 8am to 10am so maybe you’d like to come to these.
Wednesday 4th July
Wednesday 1st August
Wednesday 5th September
Wednesday 3rd October
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I also provide bespoke training for organisations (£100/hour for businesses and £70/hour for Charities) If you don’t have all the necessary tools, training, templates, policies and procedures I provide a GDPR toolkit (£375 for Charities, £750 for businesses) If you use the link you can see both the contents and samples

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