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Sunday, 1 July 2018

You may not be the one to know if you have been hacked.

In a recent article in The Register online bank Monzo said it warned Ticketmaster that something weird was going on in early April, two months before the ticket-slinging giant revealed its payment pages had been hacked.

According to Monzo, 50 customers had complained on April 6 that someone had hijacked their bank cards and spent their money – and 35 of them, or 70 per cent – had used Ticketmaster.


The Ticketmaster cyber-break-in is the first major computer security breach since Europe's GDPR came into effect on May 25, so close attention will be paid on whether Ticketmaster complied with the regulation relating to breach notification and adequate security.


1. Make sure you have Data Processing Impact Assessments – if you have any risks or any doubts use a DPIA as an opportunity to think about the measures to mitigate or transfer risk.

2. Make sure you have good vendor due diligence – ensure the people you share data with are reliable and secure. Check their credentials, certifications and policies.

3. Make sure you have necessary Controller-Processor Contracts and Data Sharing Agreements – this should include clauses prescribed by law, plus arrangements for notifying each other and indemnities in case of Breach.


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